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Bismillahir Rahomaanir Raheem

Narrated Mahmud Bin Rabia : when I was a boy of five , I remember , the prophet took water from a bucket (used far getting water out of a well) with his mouth and threw it on my face .Natural-image---155.jpg

Narrated Abu Waqid Al-Laithi : while Allah’s Apostle was sitting in the Mosque with some people , three  men came . Two of them came in front of Allah’s Apostle and the third one went away . the two persons kept on standing before Allah’s Apostle for a while and them one of them found a place in the circle and sat there while the other sat behind the gathering , and third one went away when Allah’s Apostle. finished his preaching , he said , ” shall I tell you about these three persons ? one of them be-took himself to Allah , so Allah took him in to His grace and mercy and accommodated him , the second felt shy from Allah , so Allah sheltered Him in His mercy (and did not punish him) , while the third turned his face from Allah and went away , so Allah turned His face from him like wise .”Natural-image--154

Narrated ‘Abdullah Bin Abbas (R) : once Allah’s Apostle gave a letter to a person and ordered him to go and deliver it to the Governor of Bahrain , (He did so) and the Governor of Bahrain sent it to Chousroes , who read that better and then tore it to pieces . (The sub narrator (Ibn Shihab) thinks that Ibn Al-Musaiyad said that Allah’s Apostle invoked Allah against them (saying ) , ” May Allah tear them into pieces , and disperse them all totally )”.Natural-image-by-background-change-156

Narrated Anas Bin Malik : once the prophet wrote a letter or had an idea of writing a letter . The prophet was told that they (rulers) would not read letters unless they were sealed . So the prophet got a silver ring made with “Muhammad Allah’s Apostle ” engraved on it . As if I were just observing its white glitter in the hand of the prophet .


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