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Read hadith : hadith from Islam

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem 

Narrated Itban bin Malik Al-Ansari : The prophet (S) asked permission for entering and I allowed him . He asked , ” Where do you like me to pray in your house ?” I pointed to a place which I liked . He stood up for prayer and we aligned behind him and he finished the prayer with Taslim and we did the same .Natural--image--.

Narrated Aisha : The mother of the believers : Allah’s Apostle (S) during his illness prayed at his house while sitting whereas some people prayed behind him standing the prophet beckoned them to site down . On completion  of the prayer, he said , ” The Imam is to be followed : bow when he bows , rise up your heads when he rises his head and when he says , Sami a-L-Lahu  Iman -hamida say then Rabbana . Wa laka -l-hamd and if he prays sitting then pray sitting .”

Narrated AL-Bara : When Allah’s Apostle said , ” Sami a-L-Lahu Liman hamida ” none of us bent his back till the prophet prostrated and then we would prostrate after him .

Narrated Anas (R) : The prophet said , “ listen and obey even if an Ethiopian whose head is like a raisin were made your chief .”Natural--image-..


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