Read hadith ; know hadith

Read hadith : know hadith to yourself

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem 

Narrated ‘Aisha (R) : I asked Allah’s Apostle (S) about looking hither and thither in prayer . He replied , ” It is a way of stealing by which satan takes a way from the prayer of a person . ” Natural-image-...

Narrated ‘Aisha (R) : Once the prophet (S) prayed on a khamisa with makes on it and said , the marks on it diverted my attention , take this khamisa to Abu Jahm and bring an Inbijaniya .”

Narrated Ibn Umar (R) : The prophet (S) saw expectoration in the direction of the Qibla of the Mosque while he was leading the prayer and scratched it off . After finishing the prayer he said , ” whenever any of you is an prayer he should know that Allah’s is in front of him .So none should spit in front of him in the prayer .Natural-image.-.-.-.


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