Read hadith : know hadith

Read hadith : know hadith to you

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Narrated Mutarrif bin Abdullah : Imran bin Husain and I offered the prayer behind Ali bin Abi Talib . When Ali prostrated he said the Takbir , when he raised his head , he said the Takbir and when he got up for the third Rak’a he said the Takbir . On completion of the prayer Imran took my hand and said , ” This made me remember the prayer of Muhammad .” Or he said , ” He led us in a prayer like that of Muhammad . ” seems-to-be-natural-image..-.-..

Narrated ‘Ikrima : I saw a person praying at Muqam-Ibrahim and he was saying Takbir on every bowing , rising , standing and sitting . I asked Ibn ‘Abbas . He admonished me saying . ” Isn’t that the prayer of prophet ?”

Narrated Mus’ab bin Sa’d : I offered prayer beside my father and approximated both my hands and placed them in between the knees . My father told me not to do so and said , ” we used to do the same but we  were forbidden to do it and were ordered to place the hands on the knees .”seems-to-be-natural-image-.


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