Read hadith : know hadith

Read hadith : know hadith to yourself

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Narrated Said bin Al-Harith : Abu Said led us in the prayer and said the Takbir aloud on arising from the prostration , and on prostrating , on rising again , and on getting up from the  second Raka . Abu Said said , ” I saw the prophet doing same .”Seems-to-be-a-natural-image...

Narrated Mutarrif : ‘Imran and I prayed behind ‘Ali bin Abi Talib and he said Takbir on prostrating , on rising and on getting up after the two Rakat . When the prayer was finished , ‘ Imran took me by the hand and said , ” He has prayed the prayer of Muhammad (S) “.

Narreted ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdullah : I saw ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar crossing his legs while sitting in the prayer and I , a mere youngster in those days , did the same . Ibn ‘Umar forbade me to do so , and said , ” the proper way is to keep the right foot propped up and bend the left in the prayer .” I said questioningly , ‘But you are doing so .” He said , ” My feet cannot bear my weight .” Seems-to-be-a-natural-image.....


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