Read hadith : know hadith

Read hadith : know hadith to yourself

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas : One night I slept at the house of my aunt Maimuna and the Prophet slept . He got up in the last hours of the night and performed a light ablution from a hanging leather skin . Then he stood up for prayer and I got up too and performed the ablution in the same way and joined him on his left side . He pulled me to the right and prayed as much as Allah will . Then he lay down and slept and I heard his breath sounds till the Mu’adh-dhin came to him to inform him about the prayer . He left with him for the prayer and prayed without repeating the ablution .(Sufyan the subnarrator said : We said to  ‘Amr , ” Some people say , ‘The eyes of the prophet sleep but his heart never sleeps .’ ” ‘Amr said , “‘Ubai bin ‘Umar said , ‘The dreams of the Prophets are Divine Inspirations . Then he recited I have seen in dream that I was slaughtering you .ISLAMIC-IMAGE----....

Narrated Anas bin Malik : My grandmother Mulaika invited Allah’s Apostle for a meal which she had prepared specially for him . He ate some of it and said , “Get up . I shall lead you in the prayer .” I brought a mat that had become black owing to excessive use and I sprinkled water on it . Allah’s Apostle stood on it and prayed two Rakat ; and the orphan was with me , and the old lady stood behind us .

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas : Once I came riding a she-ass and I , then had just attained the age of puberty . Allah’s Apostle was leading the people in prayer at Mina facing no wall . I passed in front of the row and let loose the she-ass for grazing and joined the row and no one objected to my deed .ISLAMIC-IMAGE--....


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