Read hadith and know hadith

Read hadith : know hadith to your self

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem 

Narrated ‘Aisha : Once Allah’s Apostle (S) delayed the ‘Isha’ prayer till ‘Umar informed him that the women and children had slept . The prophet came out and said , “None except you from amongst the dwellers of earth is waiting for this prayer .” In those days , there was no prayer except  in Medina and they used to pray the ‘Isha’ prayer between the disappearance of the twilight and the first third of the night .Image


Narrated Um Salama : In the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle the women used to get up when they finished their compulsory prayers with Taslim . The prophet and the men would stay on at their places as long as Allah will . When the prophet got up , the men would then get up .beautiful-image

Narrated ‘Aisha : When Allah’s Apostle (S) finished the Fajr prayer , the women would leave covered in their sheets and were not recognized owing to the darkness .



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