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Read hadith and know hadith to yourself

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheemĀ 

Narrated Anas Malik : Allah’s Apostle (S) never proceeded on the Day of ‘Id-ul-Fitr unless he had eaten some dates . Anas also narrated : The prophet used to eat odd number of dates .Natural-image----..

Narrated Anas : The prophet said , “Whoever slaughtered before the ‘Id prayer , should slaughter again .” A man stood up and said , “This is the day on which one has desire for meat ,” and he mentioned something about his neighbors . It seemed that the prophet I believed him . Then the same man added , “I have a young she-goat which is dearer to me than the meat of two sheep .” The prophet permitted him to slaughter it as a sacrifice . I do not know whether that permission was valid only for him or for others as well .

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Umar : Allah’s Apostle used to offer the prayer of ‘Id-ul-Adha and ‘Id-ul-Fitr and then deliver the Khutba after the prayer .Natural-image----....